Drew Rozell, Ph.D.

Attractionville host, coach, junior pastry chef

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    Get regular access to coaching with Drew on any subject - money, relationships, work, health, etc.

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    FAQ: How Do The Coaching Calls Work?

    The goal is to connect, get some clarity, and feel better. Simple.

    Below are some of the nuts and bolts of how the calls work and what to expect.


    • There are Three Live Coaching Calls Every Month 

      Each month you will have access to 3 live coaching sessions with Drew  where you can get coached on any topic you like.

      You are welcome to can attend as many or as few of the coaching call as you like.

       The calendar will be sent to you before the 1st of each month so you can plan your schedule. 

      Calls will last between 60 and 90 minutes depending on the number of questions.

      You join calls by conference call bridge line.




    • First-Come, First Serve

      When you dial in to the conference call, the phone numbers of participants are listed in the order you dialed in. The earlier you dial in, the better the chance I will get to your question. I will always take as many questions as I can on every call. As a member, you can request a specific time if needed.

    • You Can Be Anonymous

      If you're on the call, all I can see is the phone number you dialed in on. You never have to identify yourself by name -- I'll just unmute your line and ask if you have a question.

      You can be a member, ask questions every week, and no one has to know a thing about you if this is your preference.

    • You Can Just Listen

      You don't have to have a question. You can just listen. Totally fine. If I call on you and you don't have a question, you can just say "pass."

    • You Can Ask Anything

      You are free to ask any question on any topic relevant to your life (e.g., worry about the future, money, relationships, work, health, etc.) 

      I will coach you from the same philosophies outlined in my books. If you haven't read them, that's fine. 

      The intent of the coaching is to provide clarity and guidance that helps you feel better. 

    Coaching Plans

    You can cancel anytime without even having to contact support.

    One Month Pass

    See how it Feels


    Billed Once 

    One Month Pass to Attractionville 

    Access to 3 Live Coaching Sessions

    Access to that month's coaching recordings

    Designed to allow you to see if this community is a fit for you. 

    Full Membership

    Access to Personalized Coaching
    Feel Better Now


    Billed Monthly, Cancel Anytime

    Access to 3 Live Coaching Sessions per Month

    Bonus Private Coaching Call with Drew for every 3 months of membership

    Join now and lock in the $99/month rate for as long as you remain a member

    Full 30-Day No Hassle Guarantee

    Custom Private

    Have it Your Way


    If you like to work with Drew privately, each coaching agreement is custom designed to your desires. 

    The first step of the process is a free consultation with Drew.

    Please note that this option is for those who desire a higher level of service and is priced accordingly. 

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